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5 Tips for Time Management

Admit it, we have all had the time where we hit the snooze button five times until you roll over and realize you have 20 minutes to get ready, take kids to school, and get to work. Or the time you procrastinated doing those few school assignments til the day they are due, only to rush through them an hour before class. It's happened to all of us. If only we could manage our time differently to fit in those extra little seconds of work. Well, do I have some tips for you! A key point in organizing your to-do’s and don’ts is time management. Here are 5 tips on managing your time throughout your day!


1.) Wake up early.

I know what you’re thinking… No way! Honestly though, even if it’s only 10 extra minutes in the morning to read, make your kids lunches for school, have alone time, or do a Bible study/ devotional, the extra time in the morning could give you a kickstart to your day by knocking out those first couple of tasks.


2.) Pre-Plan.

Take time the day before to plan out your activities. Figuring out what you wish to accomplish the day before will give you time to think up a game plan to tackle what needs to be done that day. A planner, schedule sheet, or even just a phone reminder set can help you remember what you’re looking to do throughout the day.


3.) Prioritize

When planning out your day, the best route to take is planning on getting your most important tasks done early on. You tend to get this feeling of accomplishment when you do what needs to get done without procrastinating til the last second. When doing important things such as work projects, house cleaning, school work, etc. it is better to get them done first thing. Then afterwards, you have the rest of the day to have free time or to work on other needs.


4.) Get into a routine.

One day of planning is not going to set your whole life straight. You have to be consistent with your routines. Making a set time to sit and plan your week can leave you with a game plan and not to mention you’ll feel accomplished for getting your time organized and setting your time straight. (Keeping a journal, planner, or just reminders on your phone can help you organize your thoughts and give you a visual of what you wish to accomplish)


5.) Never forget to leave you time.

It’s never a good idea to worry about everything around you so much that you lose time for yourself. Always make it a priority to sit back and relax, even if it’s only for 15 minutes- whether this is in the morning or late at night when everyone is sleeping- take this time to learn about yourself, study the Bible, watch your favorite show, or sit back, relax, and take time to regroup.

Taking five to ten minutes each morning to plan ahead and regroup your thoughts can help you tremendously throughout the day. You should never plan so strictly that you stress about every minute, but it is always nice to have an idea of how you can productively live out your day. Time management can be fun if you’re willing to take time and put it all together, and in the long run, the outcome will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished!