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Blog: The Great Coursesites Debate

CourseSites, a nationally used website created for teachers and pupils to easily access homework assignments, due dates and tests, has decided to upgrade their program by generating a completely new website. CourseSites 2.0 comes with a new layout, bug fixes and major security tactics. Nonetheless, chaos and confusion have followed this decision. For example: instead of the traditional eight character minimum of grandma's name for a password, you must not only contain at least ten characters, but also at least one number, uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and a special character or symbol.

"My banking password isn't as difficult as CourseSite's," commented Mrs. Cassi Wisener, a tutor of Olive Plants Co-Op.        

However, this is not the only difficulty. Unlike Facebook, Hotmail, and most apps, the new version of CourseSites requires an unfortunate manual update.  Instead of an automatic upgrade, you have to create a new account on a different website before the old one will be wiped clean from cyberspace on December 31st of this year,  which causes a lot of confusion for people who used the older version. Even though the new CourseSites gives some trouble in the beginning, there are perks to this update that makes getting your homework assignment simpler.

There is no doubt that there are significant differences between the Old and the New Coursesites. We all know that change surely isn’t easy, but Old Coursesites is leaving so it’s time for an upgrade. For starters, the setup is almost completely different. Although, it isn’t as awful of a change as we think. It is easier to locate all of the courses you are enrolled in to see all of your weekly assignments, unlike the Old, in which you had to push a thousand and one buttons to see the assignments. The design for the New Coursesites is different as well. The tabs you see for your courses have been moved to look more put together and your profile and assignments have been moved to look more organized so you can see and visualize the week ahead. Overall the New Coursesites is practical and easier to use for both the students and teachers.

Nonetheless, certain technical difficulties have stumped many. For example, when your teacher emails your invitation, the priority is to log out of your new account. Accept your teacher's invitation and log back in. If you do not do this you will get an error message and cannot continue. Once you have enrolled in your course/courses it will automatically take you to the institution page. To get to your courses from this page you will click on the menu (3 stacked lines) up in the top left corner. Once you have done so you should see a list of different pages it can take you too. Click on courses and you will be taken to your courses that you have enrolled in. If any more technical issues occur you may call the Course Sites home office at 1-844-435-2162.