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Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death between teenagers and elders in America. Suicide is defined as; “ Suicide is not a mental illness in itself, but a serious potential consequence of many mental disorders, particularly major depression” (clevelandandclinic.org).

In the US alone 44,000 people commit suicide, 31,00 being Caucasian males. With all of the popular TV shows, such as 13 Reasons Why and Law and Order Special Victims Unit showing suicide as a trend, has made it more socially acceptable. Games and Songs desensitizing our minds as well into these rotten thoughts.

Some warning signs to look out for are, appetite changes, sleeping habits, no longer active, isolation, and behavioral changes. Little things like talking about being depressed or making sly jokes can also big red flags. The scariest warning sign is if they become extremely happy or energetic after a long depressive episode. This usually indicates that this person has made a wrong decision to take their life. In this case, you should watch, help, and talk to that person.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems” (daysoftheyear.com). There is never any obstacle that is so big that you can’t face. God will always be there right along with you. If you at any point in time feel these thoughts swirling in your mind, do not be afraid to reach out to a trusted adult, pastor, counselor, or even a friend. The suicide hotline is available 24/7. Someone will always be there to help you at a push of a button.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255