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Politics and Why They Matter: A Teen's Perspective

By: Anna Claire Miller

As a young teen in middle and high school, politics, voting, and the overall aspect of being an adult is the least of your worries. One of the subjects that confuses and taunts the majority of us, is politics.

Many of us don’t even bother to pay any attention to what’s going on in the world today, because let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do, but you might want to start spending just a few minutes watching the news. Here are three reasons you’ll want to tune into the news broadcast.

1) It’s Important to be in the Know; Natural disasters, crimes, court case trials, political debates, voting, and local news are just a few examples. Keeping track of the voting polls, criminal case updates, weather and even silly things like a festival or parade happening locally are a good thing to be up to date with. It helps you stay with media updates, prepare you for a storm, and even help you dodge a traffic jam.

2) Prepares You for Adulthood Staying on track with the media news today, can really benefit you when it’s your time to vote. You’ll already have heard information of past elections, senators, and many upstanding governmental roles. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the candidate's plans for the future, and if you agree or not. The political parties won’t confuse you and you will have an understanding of your personal views and opinions, making it easier for you to vote confidently.

3) We are the American Future We as a collective group of people are the coming future of America. We need to have a clear understanding of what our government is and does. We don’t need to wait around until we’re 23 years old to finally decide to vote and be politically active, (which is happening right now with the wave of millennials).

With an early understanding of what a difference we can make, our country will listen to all voiced opinions. That does not mean write an entire angry political post on every social media platform and start a riot with pitchforks and torches. That just means that even if you feel like your miniscule opinion does not matter, it does.

Every single vote, view, and opinion counts. It is our freedom and right as an American citizen to use our privileges to our extent and not take them for granted. I hope next time that you turn on the television or open up social media, that you’ll reconsider scrolling past that article or ignoring the ad that urges you to vote. I hope you just take a quick second to skim over the article and absorb as much as you can, because knowledge is power and an educated opinion is a invaluable.