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Brian Hays: Senior Spotlight

Brian Hays is one of our incredible seniors at Olive Plants this year.

"You are supportive, kind, helpful and hard-working..." Brian's brother says. Even though this is how his brother describes him, you really can already see these admirable words through his actions.

Brian has greatly enjoyed homeschooling over the years and has made many great memories. "For the international festival one year, my dad's OP Spanish class, which i was a member of, performed a sketch in Spanish, "Brian tells, "I was captain South America (i was actually wearing a Captain America costume with a Peruvian flag tapped over the 'A'), and i had to ask other members of the class for "el papel importante" (the important paper). The sketch ended with Graham having the requested item- a roll of toilet paper!" Brian has made many fun memories on his home school journey and he has expressed how much he will miss it. "The part I will miss most (about homeschooling) is Olive Plants and seeing my friends regularly... but i know the reality is that we will all be in different places doing different things next year."

Something that Brian is worried about when moving on to the next phase in his life is his forgetfulness. "I'm very forgetful... I think... I don't really remember," he jokes, "No, truly, I don't want my forgetfulness to derail me. I'm working on it."

Brian has accomplished so much during his school years; from winning writing and art contests to almost earning his black belt in karate to being nominated for employee of the month at the Great Wolf Lodge for his work ethic and "heart of gold" several times. We can all admire his accomplishments. "Brian, our hope for you is that others will experience the sweetness of Christ through you", Dawn Hays says, "that you will 'let your light shine before men; that they may see your good good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven' Matt 5:16".

Brian Hays will certainly be missed when he moves on to his next adventure. As he leaves Olive Plants he gives this piece of useful advice, "Make sure that the homework you put in your folder on Sunday night is still there when you leave the house on Monday morning. If it is for my mom, for the love of all that is holy and right, make sure it is in the correct color folder."

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