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Cate Skipworth: Senior Spotlight

Cate Skipworth has always been an outstanding role model in our local community. As her final days of youth come to a close, Cate says she is ready to embark on the path God has prepared for her and live her adult life through His Word.

Cate Skipworth has been homeschooled her entire life. She feels accomplished and ready to complete her high school education. Despite her eagerness to enter her adult life, Cate knows that she is going to miss the community, flexibility, and the extra time she had throughout the day. She also knows that she is going to miss all of the friends that she has made, through Olive Plants and through Thinc Academy.

Throughout Cate’s schooling, she says it all went swimmingly until she reached her Junior year of high school. “It was a game-changer for me”, she says.

That year she attended Thinc Academy, and she said it was the best possible place for her to be at that time. She says it was an eye-opening period in her life. Cate says that her relationship with God really affected her decision making at that time, and during her studies at Thinc. Through this time Cate realized that God was calling her to serve in a medical field. While the path is a little unclear of how she’ll get there, Cate knows that the Lord will guide her.

Cindy Skipworth, Cate’s mother, explains the two things that really impacted Cate in a huge way over the course of her middle school and high school years by saying this, “The first thing, going on various mission trips to Zambia, Hungary, and London really opened her eyes to the lost world and the needs all over the globe. These impactful trips put a seed in her to continue to go overseas as the Lord leads, which she would love to do on a long term basis one day, and it also gave her a greater heart for the lost people that are right around here locally as well. She’s learned to be bolder in sharing her faith everywhere she goes.”

The other thing that really impacted Cate, says Cindy, “Has been consistent weekly one on one discipleship with another older growing believer. I’m eternally grateful to McKenzie Hudson Barlow and Joanna Rensenhouse for starting a Bible study for Cate and her friends in 6th grade. That was the starting point I believe of deep growth, understanding and a drive to learn more for Cate. As she continued to meet one on one with Joanna over the years, as well as Jamie Phillips, Amy Camp, and Kelsey Hancock. I’m so thankful for these ladies pouring truths into our daughter, and being a listening ear when she’s most needed it.”

In the fall, Cate plans to attend Impact 360 as one of their Fellows. She will spend 9 months there. Cate says she wants to grow as close to the Lord as possible before she leaves for college. “I want to make cultivating my relationship with Him a priority”, she explained. She doesn’t want to lose sight of what’s important in her life.

Cate says that she always knew that her Senior year was just there. She thought it was forever away and never thought to obsess about it. Time flies by so fast. She remembers it like yesterday when she was a student in her beginning years of homeschooling.

Amy Camp, Cate’s long-time tutor says this about teaching her, “She is an excellent math student and always one of the first to figure out any problem or project. I taught her math for 4 straight years and it was a blast! Cate by nature is a very competitive student and she carries that over to her academics.”

One thing that Cate is most afraid of in her adult life is settling. She says that she doesn’t want to find a spot in her life where she feels comfortable. She wants to use her full potential God has set for her. She wants to live her adult life in the eyes of God and wants to glorify Him in everything she does.

Katie-Belle Oliver, one of Cate’s close friends says, “Cate has always been an influential person to me. She has always been one of my closest friends and we’ve been through so much together. I’ve gotten to see God work in her heart and turn her into the amazing, godly woman she is! I’m so grateful for her and her friendship! From us randomly jumping in the pool every winter, to playing sports each year together, to our parents having to child lock the windows in the car so we couldn’t hang out of the windows and act stupid, to making a spa for frogs, to traveling the world together and ministering to people in Hungary for a month, we have an unending amount of memories that I will forever be thankful for.”

Cate Skipworth is truly an incredible, God-loving, inspiring, young woman. Cate says that she is ready to live her life through Jesus and make an impact on others lives.

Cindy Skipworth leaves this prayer for Cate as she prepares for her journey, “Cate, keep spending daily time with your Creator and the Father who will never fail you. And keep loving on people and sharing Jesus’ hope with them, as you already do so often. I love your conviction and drive for all people to have a personal relationship with Him. It challenges and encourages me along so many others. The Lord has a great purpose for your life, and daddy and I can’t wait to watch the incredible things He does in and through you!”

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