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Jacob Rocker: Senior Spotlight

There are particular qualities in certain people that can lead one yearning for the possession of them. Such qualities include confidence, perseverance, self-discipline, honesty, and respectfulness. Among more, all of these traits have been used to describe one of our 2019 graduates, Jacob Rocker. A common characteristic expressed from both friends and family is how level-headed and down-to-earth he proves himself to be.

“He's comfortable with himself, never caring much about what is fashionable or popular and isn't easily influenced by others. I love that Jacob is self-confident, resourceful and perseverance,” Mrs. Kim Rocker explains.

“Jacob is level-headed and determined,” his sister Katie, an upcoming 2020 graduate, defines. “He has certain gifts of perseverance and dedication that have grown and developed through physical and mental discipline.”

Apart from being a strong leader, Jacob is someone who can take care of himself and those around him, ever since a young age. For example, as a child, he constructed a homemade First Aid Kit, running to grab the box whenever the need to dress his siblings’ cuts, scrapes, and splinters. Whenever he wasn’t treating to the wounds of his siblings’, he would practice making fires, building shelters and hunting or fishing.

“I have a lot of memories building fires with Jacob,” Jadon Daniel reminisces.

As stated before, Jacob is an individual of dedication. “At age 7, he was convinced he could make a spear to catch a fish,” Mrs. Kim again shares. “With his dad's help, he did!”

As he grew up, Jacob turned to “bigger fish to catch”, starting to train and compete in Spartan races in 2016. He had a set goal to finish 5th in his age group, and with his pertinacity, he managed to place 1st in his age group; a truly astounding accomplishment. When he isn’t preparing solely for an upcoming Spartan race during the fall season, he is running for the LCS Cross Country team, eventually placing 9th overall in the state.

“Our advice to Jacob is to continue letting God be his moral compass and to take a really loud alarm clock to college,” expressed Jacob’s parents.

“Also, always carry a knife,” Mr. Jim Rocker added.

With plans on attending Kennesaw State University this upcoming fall to study Civil Engineering, both his friends and family will miss his active yet reserved personality, ability to think through problems—if they’re his or not—and his compulsion to cure a pork belly just for the fun of it.

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