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Jake Holloway: Senior Spotlight

Kind. Sincere. Genuine. Happy. Quiet. Funny. Loyal. Lovable. These are only a few descriptors used when friends and family talk about Jake Holloway. In truth, he is a man of few words, but he is the salt of the earth and the living embodiment of “the golden rule”.

“Jake may be meant for something extraordinary or something rather ordinary, but either way our family’s prayer is that God uses his life to impact others for him,” Said mom, Christy Holloway.

Jake and his family have been members of Olive Plants since 2013 and will be dearly missed next school year by friends and teachers alike. After graduation, he plans to continue to pursue his college education at West Georgia Technical College where he has been dual enrolled since his junior year. He will graduate from high school in May with 29 college credits under his belt. Jake has recently decided to continue to pursue his degree at West Georgia in Cybersecurity.

During middle school, Jake joined the 4H club and was a member of the robotics team. While there he learned how to program robots and he hasn’t looked back. He eagerly helps others with their various computer problems and pursuing a degree in computer sciences is a natural and easy progression for him.

While learning about and working with computers has been easy Jake readily admits that not every aspect of school has been easy or enjoyable. He warns younger students to “just do your work and don’t get behind on assignments. It’s better that way!” 

Dawn Hays recalls “I first met Jake when he was five-years-old. A very excited (also five-year-old) Brian Hays came home from soccer practice and exclaimed, “Mom! There’s another homeschooled boy on the team!” I replied, “Oh yeah? That’s great! What’s his name?” Brian’s response? “I don’t know…but he has RED HAIR!” Besides having Brian’s favorite hair color, Jake has so many wonderful qualities that have made him the best friend a mother could ever hope for her kids to have. There are not adequate words to describe the love, appreciation, and gratitude I have for Jake, so I will just say that I am thankful to God for bringing our families together… for the shared experiences, for the friendship, for the fun. We love you, Jake!”

“I feel like I've been friends with Jake forever.: Says longtime friend Brian Hays, “I barely remember a time before we were friends. But he has become one of my best friends since we started at Olive Plants together, and I'm really glad. I've enjoyed being in all the classes with him. It's been a blast going to WGTC together, too. Art class is boring, but hey, at least we get to go out to lunch or for doughnuts. I would say that I will miss all the times of hanging out, going to movies, and going to class together, but instead, I will say that I am really glad we will continue to go to school together next year.”

When asked who was his favorite teacher he had a hard time deciding because he has a special fondness for each of the teachers that have so kindly invested their time and knowledge into him and his education. Ultimately, he decided his favorite teacher here at Olive Plants is Janice Bryan, who teaches math and science. He loves that she is always so happy and makes learning fun in every class. He will miss her style of teaching and is eternally thankful for her patiently guiding him through each class he had with her.  In addition, Jake noted that he misses Mr. E and will never forget the impact he had on his life. “Mr. E was a fantastic teacher and an all around good man. I always looked forward to his classes and I know he’s missed by everyone, not just me.”

“Jake is a hard working, loyal person with a heart of compassion and servitude towards others. He is a delight to have as a student,” said Janice Bryan, Olive Plant's science teacher. “My word of advice for his future is to live courageously for the Lord. God has given you amazing talents and gifts. Trust in the Lord, and he will continue to guide your paths.”

Jake’s steady and even-keeled personality is one of the first things you notice about him. He’s a great friend and always has a kind word for everyone. He is not easily upset and takes everything in stride.

“Jake is a fun guy who enjoys deep meaningful conversations, long walks, and puppies. Just kidding!” says friend Benjamin Pemberton “In all honesty I am honored to call him a friend.

He’s a good loyal guy who I can always count on.” Brother, Brody Holloway says “He’s more than a brother to me. He’s my best friend. He’s an excellent example to me and has always shown me great patience, even when I was being a typical little brother.”  

While most recently Jake is known to be a calm, mild-mannered guy, mom recalls a time in his earlier life where he seemed to have Houdini-like skills. “There are too many ‘looking for Jake’ stories to recount!” said Christy. They had to put triple locks on the house doors because he was an expert escapee.“ He seemed to have a death wish when he was little! He could escape from any locked door, car seat, high chair, grocery cart before you ever knew he was missing.”  

Friend Sadie Bryan said “Jake is a great classmate and even better friend. He’s hardworking, kind, and always up for something fun!”

It is evident that Jake has left his mark on those in his life,  Olive Plants has been honored to have him as a student. Jake, from all of us at Olive Plants we wish you the very best life has to offer. “May the Lord keep you and bless you. May the Lord make his face shine upon you.”

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