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Javin Hutto: Senior Spotlight

Javin Hutto is one of Olive Plants’ eager seniors this year. His level of integrity and commitment is something to be admired and is continuously displayed through his actions. 

Throughout his high school career, he has had the chance to learn important life lessons that have helped prepare him to achieve great things. “Serving in my youth group technical team taught me many things,” Javin expresses, “such as responsibility, leadership, and I realized how important my job is when there are people relying on me. In my high school career, I have only missed one day.” Throughout his high school career, he has shown a quiet leadership and set a good example for the rest of his church youth group to see. 

Something else that we can all admire about Javin is that he actually found something that he is good at and passionate about and uses that gift to serve God. “Javin is so technically savvy and always has been,” his mother, Mrs. Hutto tells, “when he was only eight (years old), he pranked me good. He took his name out of my cell phone contacts so it would look like a random number. When his dad left for the gym one evening, he texted me from the Kindle, ‘I just saw that red jeep leave. I’m watching.’ I didn’t even know he knew how to do that! Once he admitted it (was a prank) and I stopped hyperventilating, it was hilarious!”

Javin clearly has a natural gift with technology so its amazing that he has used it to faithfully serve and give glory to God. 

Javin has learned many valuable things that will help carry him to the next exciting phase in his life. “Don’t take even a minute for granted,” Javin advises, “When you feel down, remember that you’re God’s child and that He is always with you. Everything will turn out great.”

College can be a scary topic for highschoolers. Thinking about the future and all the possibilities it holds can be a bit overwhelming, but if you trust in God you will find peace. 

After graduating, Javin plans to go “on to the next adventure”. He wants to take his core college classes at Columbus State and then transfer to business school. He doesn’t necessarily see himself living in LaGrange in five to ten years but he would like to stay in Georgia and keep helping out at a church. While those are his current plans, Javin has expressed that he is willing to change them in an instant if the Lord leads him a different way. 

“I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me,” Javin tells, “I’m worried about losing track of the friends I have now.”

Even though there are a few fears of the future he is excited to see where God leads him. 

“My best advice to Javin is read your bible and pray every day,” Mrs. Hutto says, “Make spending time in His presence a priority. Seek Him first.”

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