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Mary Fields: Art Teacher

Mary Field’s, resident art teacher at Olive Plants is an award-winning artist. While she has only been practicing her art for a short term she is gaining local recognition from LaGrange media.

“Pastel’s are very bright, exciting me with the colors. I’m from India, and Indians are colorful people. You can see [it] in their clothes and their festivals which speaks to me a lot. That is why I enjoy working with pastels and acrylics.” Mrs. Fields said.

“The bright colors of Mary Fields’ work draw the viewer’s eye to her pastel drawings and acrylic paintings while hinting at the deeper emotions that she feels for her work,” the Lagrange Daily News wrote.

Through her many works and by winning the blue ribbon in the Lagrange Chalk Contest back in November, Mrs. Fields has truly begun to paint a name for herself within the local Art Community, obtaining a large portfolio over the last couple of years.  

Mrs. Fields has been cultivating creativity in the children at Olive Plants for a grand total of 3 years now. From pastels to charcoal to collaborative art projects, her unique approach to teaching kids different techniques and art styles inspire the children that she teaches.

One of her students, Addy Smith, 5th grade, stated, “I love art with Mrs. Fields and she’s taught me to draw all sort of things.”


We are incredibly lucky to have such a creative and talented artist teaching at Olive Plants, truly an amazing opportunity for boys and girls throughout the LaGrange community.

“We are thrilled that Mrs. Fields will be joining us again next school year as our art teacher!” Said Olive Plants President, Cassi Wisener.

Spring registration begins in March for returning students and Mrs. Fields’ art classes are sure to fill quickly.

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