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Sadie Bryan: Senior Spotlight

Sadie Bryan is one of our light-spirited seniors this year at Olive Plants. She has wisely used her time in high school to hear from God and find who she is in Him and to realize that, “His plans (for me) are too big and too great (for me) to mess up”. Sadie is sweet and affectionate and greatly appreciates flexibility and encouragement. 

Sadie has expressed her love for homeschooling and the kind environment that it provides on several occasions. From having the ability to go at her own pace to make lasting friendships in a welcoming atmosphere, she has really enjoyed her homeschooling experience. 

When Sadie was younger she was really shy and anxious, luckily though, for everyone who has gotten to know her, she has overcome a great amount of that anxiety. “(Sadie) got up on stage to dance, sing and act. She breaks out of her shell when (she’s) on stage for all to see her beauty...” her mom explains, “ proudest moment of her is not when she is performing though. It is when she finds that one child or teen in the back of the room and befriends them... at that moment my mom's heart swells”. 

Sadie has impacted so many lives, including the lives of everyone who is a part of the WGHSA drama club. “She is always willing to help us with anything...” Dawn Vedrene tells us, “... She has such a servant’s heart”. Mia Walker says, “Sadie is an amazing person and she’s wonderful to be around... Anybody would be lucky to have her as a friend”. All of the kids in drama club look up to her and when asked to describe her in three words, these were the words that they used; wonderful, sweet, unique, funny, humble, quirky, Godly, amazing, kind, beautiful, and “straight up awesome”. 

Sadie feels that God has instructed her to receive her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. She believes that a Biblical foundation is the best way to pursue a career so she has been looking into Christian colleges. 

However, her idea of a perfect future has changed over the years. Being either an astronaut or an animator for veggie tales or Pixar was what she dreamed of as a little girl. Sadly, the astronaut aspiration was a no go due to her fear of heights. Being a teacher was also on the table for a while but God has called her in a different direction. 

After graduating from high school, and while earning her bachelors degree, she is looking forward to “Eating more ramen noodles!”, she says, “and just independence in general. I’m really excited to see who I can become while I’m away from home in both my faith and my personality”. 

When Sadie does go off to college, she will be greatly missed by everyone who has gotten to know her over the years. “I will miss her hugs...” her mom admits, “... and I will miss her singing”. 

As Sadie moves on to this next exciting, yet scary season in her life, her mom gives this helpful piece of advice, “Above all else, seek and know God more every day, because it’s all about Him, not us... take a break and have fun once in a while. Remember that people are always more important”.

Sadie, you have been devoted to your goals and have achieved high results. Many blessings to you as you continue to grow and use the gifts and talents the Lord has given you.

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