Middle School Math Tutor

Art Tutor

Mary was born and raised in India. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from BIT Sindri, India. Mary met her husband, Norm, while he was on mission in India and Nepal. They married in 2000 and moved back to the United States later that same year. They now are in full-time ministry at Northside Church of Christ in LaGrange.

They have one daugther, Donna, whom they have homeschooled since kindergarten. 


Mrs. Mary began teaching math in the Greenhouse with Olive Plants in 2016, and now teaches middle school math and multi-level art classes.

Mary is an experienced tutor who began tutoring others during her high school years. She tutored neighborhood children from families whose parents had little or no education. Working with her mother and sister, she aided these children, who ranged in age from kindergarten to 9th grade, with homework and test preparations.  She is also a registered Math tutor with the Wyzant tutoring service. Mary enjoys teaching little children and has taught elementary age Bible classes for many years.

Mary is an accomplished local artist who exhibits her own work as well as her OP students! 

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